Common Questions

What is HeartMath®?

The HeartMath system is a simple yet powerful program that teaches practical tools and strategies which will allow you to strengthen your resiliency and improve your ability to make decisions. Backed by extensive research into the physiology of optimal performance, The HeartMath tools and technology give you concrete practices that increase well-being, mental clarity and emotional stability.

How will HeartMath help me?

By learning and practicing the HeartMath tools, you learn to manage your emotions and increase your physical resiliency. Research has shown that certain emotions, such as anger, impatience and frustration drain the body’s resiliency while other emotions, such as appreciation, love, calm and patience build and sustain the body’s ability to react in a positive way to the challenges of life.

Where is the practice of HeartMath considered to be effective?

HeartMath practice may help with all areas of your life: physical, mental spiritual and emotional. However, many participants in the HeartMath program find it particularly helpful in managing stress. Other areas of focus may be: anger, depression, anxiety, increasing intuition, making clear and calm decisions and improving your creativity.

How long does HeartMath practice take to be effective?

Most people see an immediate reduction in stress and an increase in positive attitude while practicing the tools and strategies of  the HeartMath program. Continued practice strengthens the ability to both use the tools in all situations and to reap the benefits of the program. The length of time this takes is individual to each person and their level of commitment.

How will I know if HeartMath tools are helping?

In addition to an increased sense of well-being, HeartMath has created technology which allows you to measure whether or not you are actually using the tools correctly. We also will set specific goals in your initial session and check in subsequent sessions to insure that you are meeting those goals.

What makes the HeartMath system different from other modalities of change?

The HeartMath system of tools and technology is the result of 20+ years of extensive research into the way in which the body responds to emotions and challenges. It is quick and easy to learn and is designed to be used “on the go” while you are living your life. It is not a relaxation technique, and does not require long periods of time to work, it does require practice. Through the use of HeartMath technology, you can immediately see whether or not your body is responding to your use of the tools and gauge your progress.

Why is it called HeartMath?

HeartMath is based on research into the algorithms of the heart – or the “math” of the heart.  “The word “heart” has meaning to almost everyone, of course. When we think of “heart”, we think of the physical heart as well as qualities such as wisdom, love, compassion, courage and strength – the higher aspects of all human beings. The word “math” resonates with most people as well. In the context of “HeartMath,” it refers to the stepping stones of the system – the nuts-and-bolts approach to systematically unfolding “heart” qualities. I also refers to physiological and psychological equations for accessing and developing the incredible potential of the heart.” The HeartMath Solution.

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