Voice Dialogue

Being Your Authentic Self

If you feel that your unconscious is running your life and you wish to be more conscious and live as your authentic self, Voice Dialogue my help you.

Voice Dialogue was developed by Dr. Hal and Sidra Stone as a system of techniques and processes to uncover the different parts of your psyche. The premise of Voice Dialogue is that as children, we developed an Operating Ego – a system of selves that helped us cope with the world. In order for these parts of ourselves to emerge, other parts of us – usually the opposite self, had to be ignored or disowned. While this may have protected us as a vulnerable child, it may not be useful or productive as an adult. A Voice Dialogue session explores these selves, allowing both the Primary Selves – those we strongly developed, and the Disowned Selves, the ones we ignored, to have a voice. Although other theories of psychology have used the ideas of different selves within the body, what makes Voice Dialogue a powerful technique is that the goal of therapy is to develop an Aware Ego – a new and powerful part of the psyche which can now choose how to respond rather than using the “automatic pilot” of the Operating Ego. While one Voice Dialogue session can result in profound insights and change, it is more therapeutic to commit to several sessions over time.

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